Employment contracts in Poland

If you plan on working in Poland, you will have a contract with your employer. There are three kinds of contract, umowa o pracę (employment contract), umowa zlecenia (contract of mandate) and umowa o dzieło (contract for specific work).

Employment contract (umowa o pracę)

This is the most common contract. It is relatively straightforward, setting out the start and (if applicable) end period of the contract, the place and hours of work, payment terms, and details of the work to be carried out. This kind of contract may be for a probationary period (usually three months), or a definite period. At the conclusion of the second consecutive contract for a definite period, the third is treated as open-ended.

Contract of mandate (umowa zlecenia)

You may receive this kind of contract if you agree to carry out specific tasks for an employer. The contract will normally set out exactly what should be done, and the deadline by which the task should be completed. However, details about how and where the work is carried out are usually left to the contractor. Note that it is understood that the contractor will carry out the work to the best of their ability. This kind of contract can be for a fixed period, or open-ended.

Contract for specific work (umowa o dzieło)

This contract is similar to the contract of mandate, and is based on the provision of a service. It is usually for a definite period, and the contractor will agree to carry out a specific task which the employer will pay for on a ‘payment by results’ basis.

You can read much more information about work contracts in Poland, at EURES, the European Jobs Network.

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