Books about Poland in English

The Polish Institute in Tel Aviv is an excellent resource if you are looking for more information about history and contemporary issues affecting Kraków and Poland.
The Institute’s library page offers almost 80 books on various topics, including art, history, culture, Europe, Judaism in Poland and more. It’s definitely worth taking a look at what they have to offer, but in the meantime, here are the top 20…

  1. The Auschwitz Poems. An Anthology, ed. Adam A. Zych, Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum: Oswiecim, 1999.
  2. Bacon Gershon C., The Politics of tradition. Agudat Yisrael in Poland, 1916-1936, The Mgnes Press, The Hebrew University: Jerusalem, 1996.
  3. Marcus Banet Chana, They Called Me Frau Anna, CIS Publishers: New york, London, Jerusalem, 1990.
  4. Bartoszewski Wladyslaw, Common European Responsiblility, Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Warsaw, 2001.
  5. Birenbaum Halina, Hope Is the Last to Die, Publishing House of the State Myseum in Oswiecim: Oswiecim, 1994.
  6. Brand William, The Architecture of Crime, Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum: Oswiecim, 2001.
  7. Brandys Kazimierz, A Warsaw Diary 1978-1981, Random House: New York, 1983.
  8. Cala Alina, The Image of The Jew in Polish Folk Culture, The Magnes Press, The Hebrew University Jerusalem, 1995.
  9. Cioffi Kathleen M., Alternative Theatre in Poland 1954-1989, Harwoord Academic Publishers: Amsterdam, 1996.
  10. Conrad’s Literary Career, ed. Keith Carabine, Owen Knowles, Wieslaw Krajka, vol. 1-2, Maria Curie-Skolodwska University: Lublin, 1992.
  11. Davies Norman, God’s Playground. A History of Poland, vol. 1-2, Clarendon Press: Oxford, 1981.
  12. Davies Norman, red Eagle, Red Star, Pimlico: London, 2003.
  13. Davies Norman, Rising ’44. ‘The Battle for Warsaw’, Pan Books: London, 2004.
  14. Davies Norman, To and From. Modern Poland: a Journey through Postal History, vol. 2, Rosikon Press: Warszawa, 2008.
  15. Difficult Questions in Polish-Jewish Dialogue, Jacek Santorski & Co: Warszawa, 2006.
  16. Dobraczynski Jan, Meetings with the Madonna, Polonia Publishers: Warsaw, 1979.
  17. Documents on the Holocaust, ed. Y. Arad, Y. Gutman, A. Margaliot, Pergamon Press: Oxford, 1981.
  18. Duda Eugeniusz, The Jews of Cracow, Hagada and Argona-Jarden Jewish Bookshop: Krakow, 1999.
  19. The Eagle and The Crow, ed. T. Halikowska, G. Hyde, Serpent’s Tail: New York, 1996.
  20. Filipow Krzysztof, Wawer Zbigniew, Passerby, Tell Poland…, Arkady: Warsaw, 1991.

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