‘Battle of Warsaw’ antique tank arrives at museum

Authorities in Afghanistan have presented the Museum of the Polish Army in Warsaw with a gift in recognition of Poland’s military involvement there – a 1920s tank.

The tank, a Renault FT-17, was the first such vehicle to be used by the Polish army. The model was deployed in the Battle of Warsaw in 1920, and in the defence of Poland in 1939.

This particular vehicle was spotted during a ministerial visit by Polish government officials, to Bagram. It has neither cannon nor engine, and was standing on display outside the Afghan Ministry of Defence. It was flown into Poland this week, and after restoration is expected to become one of the Museum of the Polish Army’s most valuable exhibits. There are thought to be fewer than 50 such tanks in the world; this one had probably been captured in 1920 and made its way to Afghanistan via the Russian army.

Take a look inside the tank in this short YouTube video:


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