In Memoriam

It is a tradition in Poland to publish the names of prominent Poles and other friends of the nation, who have died in the past 12 months, each All Saints’ Day. Here is the list for November 2 2011 to November 1 2012.

December 4 2011

Adam Hanuszkiewicz, one of Poland’s most famous contemporary actors and directors. Died aged 87.

December 5 2011

Violetta Villas, singer. Died aged 73.

December 18 2011

Vaclav Havel, former Czech president, died aged 75.

January 21 2012

Irena Jarocka, singer, known for the song I am a Butterfly (Motylem jestem). Died aged 66.

February 1 2012

Wisława Szymborska, Nobel laureate, poet and translator. Died aged 88.

February 3 2012

Prof. Andrzej Szczeklik, doctor and scientist. Died aged 74.

March 7 2012

Włodzimierz Smolarek, one of the most famous footballers ever to have played for Poland. Died aged 54.

March 11 2012

Bogusław Mec, singer, composer and artist. Died aged 65.

April 29 2012

Prof. Wiesław Chrzanowski, soldier, teacher and politician. Died aged 89.

June 15 2012

Stefan Stuligrosz, conductor. Died aged 92.

June 16 2012

General Sławomir Petelicki, soldier and former head of GROM security service. Died aged 66.

June 23 2012

Magdalena Prokopowicz, founder of Rak n Roll cancer foundation. Died aged 35.

July 13 2012

Jerzy Kulej, boxer and politician. Died aged 71.

July 21 2012

Andrzej Łapicki, actor and heart throb. Appeared in more than 100 productions on stage and screen. Died aged 88.

August 5 2012

Erwin Axer, theatre director. Died aged 95.

September 4 2012

Józef Szaniawski, poet, writer, academic and publicist. Died aged 68.

October 2 2012

Princess Maria Krystyna Habsburg. Died aged 88.

October 21 2012

Przemysław Gintrowski, joint composer of the informal Solidarity anthem Mury. Died aged 61.



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